ABM Year in Review—TechTarget’s Top 10 account-based marketing resources in 2018

1643221761 ABM Year in Review—TechTargets Top 10 account based marketing resources in

Account-based marketing was big in 2018. And because so many B2B tech companies are driving more and more revenue with ABM, it’s likely going to be much bigger in 2019. Whether you are an account-based marketing expert or just getting started, check out our 2018 best performing resources to help you make better progress no matter what stage of ABM you are in.

Getting Started


3 Essential Questions to Answer Before Starting Any ABM Program

Based on real-life insight from TechTarget customers running successful ABM programs, learn the most important questions to answer before starting an ABM program, and the most common ways our customers have approached them.

A Practical Guide to Implementing Account-Based Marketing

You cannot have a successful ABM program without having the right pieces in place. This in-depth e-book provides a step-by-step guide to help marketers get their ABM program off the ground and keep it moving in the right direction.

Thanks To Better Data, Two Easy Approaches To Account-Based Marketing

Many companies are using two specific data-driven approaches to get started with ABM – the “overlay” approach or the “value-add” approach. Understand which approach is right for you and how to achieve success using better sources of insight.

Struggling with ABM? 7 practical ways to create value now

There are simply too many benefits to an account-based focus to ignore. Fortunately, getting started can be a lot easier than imagined. Here are 7 ways you can jump-start the transition from traditional demand-gen marketing.


Program Refinement


There is no ‘I’ in successful ABM

True ABM success requires commitment and alignment across your organization. See how leaders build, scale and sustain ROI within their programs and understand why companies are achieving real impact by applying a TEAM framework to ABM.

6 ways ABM turns classical lead scoring on its head

While classical lead-scoring concepts are put in place to help deliver overall efficiency and more predictive sales motions, they can actually reduce effectiveness in the ABM environment. ABM brings sales and marketing teams closer – learn how your scoring approach must evolve to reflect this.

Using intent for B2B pipeline acceleration: 5 ways to turn ABM into a “cosmic” slingshot for sales

Success with ABM correlates highly with taking an end-to-end approach, one that incorporates a substantial focus on the sales pipeline and the marketing funnel together. This article shows how in-pipeline opportunity management changes fueled by purchase intent insight can drive sales acceleration and business improvement for ABM.

TechTarget and SiriusDecisions: Are Marketing and Sales Leaving Millions on the Table?

This e-book from TechTarget and SiriusDecions shares how to eliminate the legacy barriers causing marketing and sales disconnects and how to evolve lead and account qualification concepts leveraging new thinking, processes and insights.

Looking Towards 2019


Planning Performance Breakthroughs in 2019: Can’t-fail ingredients for tastier ABM

This article helps marketing and sales teams understand the ingredients for executing a successful multi-tiered ABM strategy in 2019. Learn why you must consider perspectives from across the organizations, how to improve connection points between or across departments and better ways to leverage 1st and 3rd data available to you.

ABM Reality: Aligning & Enabling Your SDRs for Better B2B Marketing and Sales

With lead-based demand generation maxed out, companies are looking to tele- teams to brute force their way to their numbers. But with the changing landscape of ABM, this approach rarely leads to sustainable improvement. This TechTarget and SiriusDecisions webinar helps organizations effectively prepare SDR teams for an account-based future and why new insights are changing the rules for success.

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