Across Age 2 Review (iOS)

Across Age 2 Review (iOS)

AA2 - Across Age 2 Review (iOS)

The original Across Age was one of the first RPGs to hit iOS. The original version was a flawed experience for several reasons, but its updated version, Across Age DX, managed to fix them all while adding even more content. Across Age 2 builds on its predecessor’s formula in several interesting ways, resulting in another truly engaging experience.

The story of Across Age 2 begins at the end of the first game. Ales and Ceska have defeated Count Agrean and saved the future. Sadly, the heroes never get what they really deserve – changing the story, no one remembers the duo’s actions. Unfortunately the peace will not last long, as Ales and Ceska will soon meet Lily, a member of a future resistance movement, who has traveled through time in order to kill a future tyrannical ruler before he can obtain the throne of the kingdom and destroy it. peace the two heroes managed to build themselves as a result of the events of the first game.

The story of Across Age 2 is truly captivating, thanks to the way it is presented. The trio will have to deal with several villains before finally knowing the real enemy following a cataclysmic event. By doing this, players will always be on their toes, wanting to know what is hiding after each of the game’s dungeons. A great way to get away from the somewhat repetitive storyline of the first installment.

The gaming experience is as good as the story. The game doesn’t play too much differently from Across Age DX: Ales will fight enemies with his sword while Ceska will use his magic spells to deal damage from a distance in a top-down view, reminiscent of many 16-bit classics. Both characters will learn new abilities as the game progresses, adding more depth to the experience. They also come with unique abilities needed to complete some of the dungeons, forcing players to switch between characters even outside of battles. During some specific sections, you will be able to use other characters, who take the place of Ales and Ceska for the sake of history. Sadly, Lily and Ales Jr. don’t play any different from Ales and Ceska, making the two characters temporary substitutes for the principals with no unique qualities.

The puzzles included in the game allowed the team to make exploration less boring and more varied. They aren’t too hard to complete, to be honest, but that’s okay with the game considering that the main focus of the game is the action combat system. Puzzles aren’t the only easy thing in the game, as dungeon traps are just as easy to avoid. Death is a rare thing in the world of Across Age 2, something newcomers to the series and action role-playing games in general will surely appreciate. Experts probably won’t.

The graphic aspect of the game was clearly inspired by classic role-playing games. And that’s not a bad thing at all, considering they’re so well done. with sprites and detailed locations.

Across Age 2 is a very good action role-playing game that will keep you engaged for a long time thanks to its plot elements and charming play experience. The only real flaw in the game is its difficulty, as the fights and puzzles are sometimes way too easy. Everything else is very well done, making it one of the best action role-playing games available on the App Store.

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