Best Minecraft Realms Maps

Best Minecraft Realms Maps

Minecraft Realms makes it easy to try out maps and community worlds for survival challenges. These add new challenges, cool builds, and lots of extra features to a normal Minecraft world. But what are some of the best Minecraft Realms maps? Read on to find out.

All of these maps are available in the Realms Worlds tab in the World Templates section. You can have a maximum of three worlds loaded at a time in Minecraft Realms. To add one of these maps when you have the most, download / save the world and load the map.

Sora Fortress

Minecraft Best Minecraft Realms Maps Sora - Best Minecraft Realms MapsImage via Fish

Sora’s Fortress is a classic castle design that is so vast and epic that it begs to be explored. Venturing into Minecraft is one of the coolest features, being able to just walk through a strange land and discover things. This map adds a vast castle and lands to explore, full of hidden secrets. Plus, it’s just beautifully prepared and ready to enjoy!

A trailer can be viewed here.

Japanese Villa

Minecraft Best Minecraft Realms Maps Villa - Best Minecraft Realms MapsScreenshot by Pro Game Guides

Minecraft begs you to build classic Japanese architecture with its varieties of wood and stone. This map of the Japanese villa has done the hard work for you. To launch yourself into an amazing world before you even set foot on a single foot, the Japanese Villa World is a perfect start to a samurai-themed Minecraft adventure.

Underground capital

Minecraft Best Minecraft Realms Maps Under - Best Minecraft Realms MapsImage via Theticman

Inspired by the addition of Nether Biomes, this Realms map uses all of the new blocks added by this update to create some truly fantastic worlds. The Nether in Minecraft alludes to a lost Pigmen civilization in the base game. This Kingdom map brings this civilization back to life.

Watch a trailer here.

Glacial wind

Minecraft Best Minecraft Realms Maps Frost - Best Minecraft Realms MapsImage via ChildOfStars

While lush greenery and beautiful deserts are a common scene in Minecraft, sometimes you want something a little cooler. The arctic tundra of Frosty Wind changes the temperature of your standard Minecraft starting location, giving you a snowy and frosty landscape to explore.

Watch the trailer here.

Canopy dream

Minecraft Best Minecraft Realms Maps Cano - Best Minecraft Realms Maps Image via Theticman

Building a tree escape is an ambitious Minecraft starter base, but one you can skip thanks to this fantastic Minecraft Realms map. Take a trip to the jungles of Minecraft from the get-go to a hidden tropical base with the Canopy Dream map. Ocelot instant pet unfortunately not included.

Watch a trailer of this world here.

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