Everything coming in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2 (1.18)

Everything coming in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2 (1.18)

Featured minecraft caves and cliffs update part 2 generic - Everything coming in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2 (1.18)

With all the new content added in the last update, we can see why Mojang decided to split the Caves & Cliffs update into two parts. This update comes with a complete overhaul of World Generation, along with additional mechanics that completely change the world’s atmosphere as you explore.

While there are many more detailed changes to the game, we’ve described and generalized the most significant changes below.


Here’s everything added to the game that wasn’t there before.


Global Generation

  • Caves
    • The generation has been completely redesigned.
    • Stretch to Y -59.
    • The stone goes to Deepslate Y 8 and below.
    • Dripstone Caves and Lush Grottoes generate underground.
    • Aquifers, bodies of water of different heights, have been added. Aquifers below Y 0 can sometimes generate lava.
    • “Cheese”, “Spaghetti” and “Noodle” sound caves have been added.
      • The cheese cellars are large open areas with tall stone towers stretching from top to bottom.
      • The spaghetti caves are long and thin, similar to the original caves.
      • The noodle caves are thin and wavy.
  • Mountains
    • Come into 6 sub-biomes:
      • Meadow
        • Raised grassy biome that resembles a flowery, cooler plains biome.
        • Generates in the plateaus and lower layers of some mountains.
        • Father bees, rabbits, donkeys and sheep. Can spawn pillaging villages and outposts.
      • Grove
        • Spawns in the slopes of snow capped mountains next to forest biomes.
        • Similar to a snow capped taiga with blocks of snow and powder instead of blocks of grass.
        • Father rabbits, wolves, foxes, sheep, pigs, chickens and cows. Can spawn Raider Outposts.
      • Snowy slopes
        • Generates in the slopes of the mountains next to the snowy tundra.
        • Covered with snow, blocks of snow and powder snow.
        • Spawns rabbits and goats. Can spawn Igloos and Pillgar Outposts.
      • Jagged peaks
        • Spawns on top of some mountains.
        • Covered with snow, blocks of snow and stone.
        • Sires goats. Can spawn Raider Outposts.
      • Frozen Peaks
        • Spawns on top of some mountains.
        • Covered with snow, blocks of snow, ice and packed ice.
        • Sires goats. Can spawn Raider Outposts.
      • Stony peaks
        • Spawns on top of some mountains.
        • Covered with stone, gravel and calcite.
        • Do not breed animals. Can spawn Raider Outposts.
  • Ore
    • Worlds now rarely spawn long ore formations.
    • Veins of copper ore mixed with granite and blocks of raw copper generate above Y 0.
    • Veins of iron ore mixed with tuff and boulders of crude iron generate above Y 0.


  • Caves and cliffs: Fall from the top to the bottom of the Overworld.
  • Feels like home: Ride a Strider over lava for 50 blocks in the Overworld.
  • Music sound: Play music with a Jukebox in a Meadow Biome.
  • Featured merchant: Trade with a villager at the limit of construction height.
  • New advancement triggers Fall from the height and ride_entity_in_lava.


  • New parameters visible in the debug screen.
  • Minecraft Dungeons font available via order.
  • New languages: Lombard and Toki Pona.
  • New loot table options.
  • New background music that changes depending on the biome you are in.
  • New NBT tags.
  • New particle parameters.
  • New block tags for block customization.
  • New subtitles for various sounds.
  • New snooper (telemetry) to see information about computer specifications.
  • New customizable graphics settings.


Here are all the mechanics already present in the game that are receiving changes.


  • Large drip: Limited the blocks where Big Dripleafs can be placed.
  • Vines and kelp: Stop pushing if scissors are used on the tip.
    • The textures of Cave Vine have been changed.
  • Copper ore: Makes two to five Raw Copper instead of two to three.
  • Enchanting table: Emits a light level 7. The Lapis icon has been changed.
  • Redstone comparator: The texture of the baseplate has been changed.


  • Campfire and Soul Campfire: Textures of objects have been changed.
  • Doors: The textures of the objects have been changed, except for the crimson and warped doors.
  • Item frames and light item frames: Textures of objects have been changed.
  • Panels: Textures of objects have been changed.


  • Axolotl
    • Only spawns in the water above clay blocks in Lush Caves.
    • Has its own Mob Cap.
  • Fish
    • Several types of fish, including squid and dolphins, only spawn in water from Y 50 to Y 64.
    • Tropical fish spawn in lush caves at any height.
  • Drowned: Can spawn in aquifers inside Dripstone Caves.
  • Raider: No longer attack baby villagers.
  • Luminous squid: Only spawn in water below Y 30.
  • Goat: Only appears in the Snowy Slopes, Jagged Peaks, and Frozen Peaks biomes.
  • Horses, mules and donkeys: Follow players holding Golden Carrots, Golden Apples, and Enchanted Golden Apples.
  • Lamas: Follow the players holding hay bales.
  • Wither: The texture of Wither’s skull has been changed.
  • Zombie Villager: The textures Armorer Zombie Villager and Weaponsmith Zombie Villager have been changed.
  • General
    • Hostile mobs only spawn in areas with a light level 0 (Block light only).
    • The AI ​​has been optimized for several mobs.
    • Nourishing creatures named Dinnerbone will seek

Global Generation

  • Amethyst geodes: Only generate up to 30 Y.
  • Wild lands: Can generate in mountain tops.
  • Beaches: Wider than before.
  • Biomes
    • Several biomes have been renamed.
    • Several biome names have been removed from the game, and the code has been merged with the code for the main biome. As a result:
      • Following this change:
        • All deserts can generate desert villages and pyramids.
        • All taiga can generate villages and pillaging outposts.
        • All Swamps can generate Swamp Huts.
        • All Snowy Taigas can generate Igloos.
  • Buried treasure: May contain water breathing potions.
  • Desert pyramid
    • No longer spawns on water.
    • Generate on surfaces instead of a fixed Y level, but are usually partially buried.
  • Caves of drops: Generate underground and inside hills or mountains.
  • Dungeons: Increased number of dungeons.
  • Fossils: The deeper fossils are generated with Deepslate Diamond Ore instead of Coal Ore.
  • Jungle pyramids: No longer spawns on water.
  • Some lakes: Water Lakes removed for the benefit of Aquifers.
  • Lush caves
    • Generate naturally underground and inside hills or mountains.
    • Azalea trees form above the lush caves.
  • Mine shafts: Generate higher in the Badlands biomes.
  • Oceans
    • Frozen oceans only spawn in snowy taiga or snowy plains
    • Removed Deep Warm Ocean biomes.
  • Ore: All minerals have received a complete overhaul. They now spawn at different levels, attempt to spawn multiple times, and have a similar spread value to Lapis Lazuli Ore.
  • Plunderer’s Outposts
    • Generate in new mountain biomes.
  • springs
    • Lava sources generate calcite, earth, snow, powdery snow, and packed ice.
    • Water sources do not generate more than Y 192.
  • Stony shore: Generate with any biome and generate with gravel strips.
  • Villages: More spread out and can generate in Meadows.


  • Advances
    • “Light as a Rabbit” is under the “Sweet Dreams” advancement.
    • The number of biomes required to complete Adventuring Time is 50.
  • Weather: Sleeping only resets the weather cycle when it rains or thunderstorms.
  • Block format: General changes to the properties of the Chunk format to facilitate code modification.
  • Clouds: Raised to Y 192.
  • Effects: Changes to effects for better performance and to change their appearance in the inventory menu.
  • Height limit: Increase to Y 384. The limit on the downside is Y -64.
  • Options
    • The Sneak, Sprint, and Auto-jump options can be found in the Controls tab.
    • Render distances cause pieces to be loaded into a cylinder shape.
    • Default brightness set to 50.
  • Player appearance: Players no longer spawn in oceans or other inconvenient locations.
  • Dashboards : Removed length limits for scoreboards, score holders and team names.
  • Waiters: Optimization added to the code and mechanics of the server file.
  • Splashes: New splashes added to the main screen.
  • Sprint: Touching walls at low angles does not reduce walking speed.
  • Ticks: Code optimization has improved save times.
  • Creation of the world
    • Removed options for caves and floating islands.
    • Changes to the Amplified and Large Biomes world types.

That’s all you need to know about the upcoming changes for Minecraft 1.18: The Caves & Cliffs update!

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