Fastest Elevators in Minecraft

Fastest Elevators in Minecraft

Featured Minecraft Fastest Elevators in Minecraft - Fastest Elevators in Minecraft

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Elevators are one of the most essential features of advanced versions of Minecraft. Getting up and down quickly is crucial in a game where you dig giant mine shafts and build massive structures. But if an elevator isn’t fast, then what’s the point?

That’s why we’ve listed some of the fastest elevator designs in Minecraft. Plus, the use of Redstone in these designs is incredibly minimal, making them simple to make!

Why no Redstone elevators?

Redstone elevators are slow. The reason is because of the ticks in the game. Minecraft has ticks that occur 20 times per second. During a tick, crowds and objects move, blocks move, and redstone functions occur.

It is usually only possible for a block to move a single space per tick using redstone gear. This means that the maximum speed of a redstone elevator is 20 blocks per second. Water lifts, viscous rebound designs, and physics-based lifts ignore these constraints. This is because you can fall, be thrown, and fly faster than 20 blocks per second.

Soul Sand / Magma Block water elevators

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One of the fastest ways to build an elevator is through Soul Sand, Kelp, and Water. Immersing Soul Sand in water creates a column of bubbles that pulls up any entity moving in the flow of bubbles.

To build this, simply walk up to the point you want, drop the water into your elevator shaft, then come back down. Plant kelp all the way up, then come back down one more time. Break up the kelp, which will turn all of the water blocks above into spring water blocks. Then place a Soul Sand or Magma block at the bottom to create an upward or downward lift, respectively.

Slime Bounce Elevators and Chutes

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Gravity and physics are simply faster than most mechanical designs in Minecraft. So the best way to move between two points is often to be thrown or bounced by slime blocks. Or by using Slime Blocks to mitigate the damage.

You can fall from any height and land on a Slime Block without taking damage. Just make sure you don’t press the crouch button! This will prevent the Slime block from functioning and you will take all the damage.

As for going up, you can use pistons to push blocks of mud to catapult you up. The slime does not adhere to the obsidian, so you can use the obsidian blocks as a frame. Since the rebound is limited, you can trigger multiple pistons when climbing with the help of observers.

TNT guns

One of the fastest but most dangerous ways to catapult yourself is by using TNT cannons. The damaging aspect of TNT can be almost entirely alleviated with the help of water, but it is still dangerous. Therefore, it is best to take a suit of explosion protection armor when using this method.

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