Fortnite Review (iOS)

Fortnite Review (iOS)

fortnite review ios 2 - Fortnite Review (iOS)

Fortnite is one of those games where even if you haven’t played it, you have certainly heard of it. Becoming a global phenomenon in a way that Minecraft and Pokémon Go could only dream of, Fortnite is not only popular, it is also hugely profitable.

Raising $ 318 million in May 2018, means in-app purchases for new characters, dance moves, and costumes are clearly a source of money despite the game being free to play. The folks at Epic Games clearly know what they’re doing.

fortnite review ios - Fortnite Review (iOS)

Released on iOS devices in March, I was very excited to give it a spin, having played it a bit on a PC. Being such a frenetic and fast-paced game, I doubted the touchscreen controls would be that easy to master for the iOS version, but luckily things were actually pretty seamless and straightforward. Oddly enough, an Android version is yet to come, but when it does, the game’s popularity and revenue will surely skyrocket.

It stands to reason that if you’ve heard of Fortnite, then you should have heard of Twitch, aka gamer television, as the two are closely related. I learned a lot from watching other Twitch players, especially Ninja, and I would recommend everyone to do the same if you want to get a feel for how to keep up with other players around the world. there, that’s for sure!

fortnite review ios 3 - Fortnite Review (iOS)

So, with all of that out of the way, how has Fortnite performed on iOS? I played on an iPhone 8, but be aware that Fortnite does not work on iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, or iPod Touch because the processors just aren’t powerful enough and the game will not be compatible.

The gameplay is exactly the same: You’re still plunged into a smaller and smaller map with 99 other players, and the last to survive is the winner. The difference is in the presentation, as it is significantly reduced for the game to run efficiently. It didn’t take away much, but I would still prefer to play Fortnite on a PC to fully experience the experience.

fortnite review ios 1 - Fortnite Review (iOS)

Still, the graphics were great and I was able to adjust to the smaller screen quite easily after a few hours. Fortnite runs at a maximum of 30 FPS on iOS devices, but aside from the occasional lag, the ride was smooth. The game needs around 2 GB of space on your phone, so make sure you have that amount before downloading!

I’ve heard that cross-platform play is possible, but Epic Games prefers to pit mobile gamers against other mobile gamers because it just feels fairer, as gaming is so much easier with a keyboard and mouse. There was no mention of Epic adding the option of Bluetooth controllers for iOS players, but that could change in the future.

fortnite review ios 4 - Fortnite Review (iOS)

As for actually playing Fortnite on my iPhone 8, the left side of the screen has a virtual joystick for movement, and you can sprint by double-tapping the icon. The right side of the screen has crouch and jump icons, and to shoot I just had to slide my thumb to the right side and tap to shoot.

It was a bit tricky, but there was a small amount of auto aim, which I was grateful for. There is also a “point down” icon for a more precise shot, but I found that I didn’t have time to use it much as it left me too exposed on my blind sides.

Changing my inventory was simple and picking up items and weapons can be done by just stepping on them, but the only issue I found was that after managing my inventory and dropping some items I had to be careful not to pick them up again after exiting the screen!

fortnite review ios 5 - Fortnite Review (iOS)

Building was actually a lot easier than I thought, with very precise controls and somehow a bit faster than on a PC. You can also open doors just by walking in (but don’t try this in real life).

One thing I really liked about the iOS version was that because I occasionally played in transport and didn’t have access to headphones, Epic thought of a solution when you can’t hear the sounds. opponents.

Footsteps and gunshot icons appear in the middle of the screen, so you have a rough idea of ​​where your enemies are coming from, but if you’re inattentive you’ll be dead long before they can be of use.

Now take out – will I be playing Fortnite over and over again on my iPhone 8? Unlikely. I would still prefer my PC, just to have improved controls, graphics, and sound experience, but I’ll be honest, it was way better than I thought it was for iOS. Great for when you’re bored in a queue or on a train, but if you’re at home it doesn’t make much sense.

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