Ghostbusters World Review

Ghostbusters World Review

ghostbusters world review - Ghostbusters World Review

The original Ghostbusters movie premiered the same year I was born. As a result, I didn’t go to the premiere and the movie franchise itself didn’t really have the same effect on me as it did on others who were a bit older and got to see the movie during its first launch.

But even though I’m not the biggest Ghostbusters fan, I’ve watched the original movies a few times before and find them enjoyable to say the least. I’m even going to go as far as to shake the core of the fans and admit that I also really enjoyed the Ghostbusters remake.

Why am I saying this first when we should be talking about Ghostbusters world, the last AR game released on mobile? Well, because it proves that I didn’t come into the game as a fan with huge expectations. And that might matter in the end as I’m sure hardcore fans of the franchise might have a different take on the game.

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But I personally started playing for entertainment and out of curiosity. I was sure that a Pokemon Go type game where you have to roam the streets, search for ghosts and destroy would be perfect for my mobile. In fact, I was surprised to see comments online that Ghostbusters and this type of gameplay don’t mix. On the contrary, they work perfectly!

The main concept has been around since Pokemon Go took the world by storm a few years ago: you can roam the streets of the city you are in now, seeing a map of the area on your mobile device, filled with various ghosts that appear in random or not-so-random places. Your objective is to clean up the infected town and capture the ghosts or destroy them to pieces.

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The battles themselves are a bit more interactive than the ones in Pokemon Go, but unfortunately not enough fun to keep you entertained after the 10th Ghost Encounter. Most of the time you will need to point your proton cannon at the ghost you are facing, bringing its health to a low enough level that you can capture it.

The rather lengthy fights are made a bit more entertaining by the repositioning of the ghost you face and a few attacks from its end – which you have to parry or miserably fail in your quest to capture the ghost. But overall, even though it’s more interactive and entertaining than Pokemon Go battles, Ghostbusters World gets repetitive very quickly.

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But what I really liked about this new AR game was the introduction of the traditional RPG element – a brand new game where you put all your captured ghosts to work and have them battle other teams from ghosts in story mode, various other modes available in something called the ghost dimension or even in PvP battles.

This element is quite complex, involving different types of ghosts, each with their own weaknesses and special powers, with various attributes and skills, all of which can be improved over the course of the game. Nice for diversity and the funniest part of the game. game, in my opinion.

Of course, I’m not so familiar with the lore of the game that die-hard fans of the franchise and the ghosts you can capture in World mean little to me. Yes I do recognize some faces and I think most, if not all, are from the different movies… but other than that I only see random ghosts appearing on my screen and that’s about it. For someone who loves the franchise more than I do, fighting the Slimer or the iconic Marshmallow Man probably means a lot more.

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Being a free to play game, microtransactions are there from the start but I haven’t reached the point where I can say I’ve hit a wall and need to spend real money to progress. Of course, spending money helps you a lot, but you can play the game for free and enjoy it, although the progress will end up slowing down. But I’ve seen much worse games in terms of microtransactions, so there’s really no reason to complain.

Overall, Ghostbusters World is better than I expected and a big part of that is the existence of the traditional story-based RPG part. I love it and the fact that I’m starting to use combat ghosts I’ve captured – as opposed to units randomly rewarded with Gatcha-type chests – makes it even more fun.

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When I play Ghostbusters World, I don’t really feel like a Ghostbuster, but like a Ghost Master. I can capture these poor wandering spirits, train them in the art of fighting for my own pleasure, and send them to fight theirs. (* insert evil laugh here *)

For true fans of the franchise, this game is definitely a dream come true. You can actually hunt down the ghosts you know from the movies and sometimes right in your living room, bathroom, or your favorite restaurant. It can’t get any better than that!

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