How long is 100 days in Minecraft?

How long is 100 days in Minecraft?

Featured How long is 100 days in Minecraft - How long is 100 days in Minecraft?

If you are wondering how long is 100 hours in Minecraft, the answer is around 33 hours of real time.

So, if you are trying to beat the Passage of Time achievement for the game, we highly recommend that you play the game for that total duration until the achievement unlocks for you.

You can also complete this achievement very effectively by activating the game in peaceful mode for a while. a few hours every day. However, if you are using this afk method, be sure to plug in your controller and make sure the game stays active for the time limit.

It might take a little longer, but just playing the game will be enough and probably easier than letting your game run all day to complete the achievement.

For other achievements like the Free Driver achievement, you will need to stay underwater for two minutes, and the Castaway success, you will have to eat kelp just two days.

If you want to complete this achievement, we recommend doing so while you are trying to get the Passage of Time achievement. But for the Free Driver achievement, we recommend that you obtain Water Breathing Potions.

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