How PortSys Uses TechTarget to Generate More Demand and Boost Sales

1643226572 How PortSys Uses TechTarget to Generate More Demand and Boost

An interview with successful technology marketing innovator, Tim Boivin, Director of Marketing at PortSys

PortSys is a global innovator in information security and zero trust access control, transforming today’s hybrid enterprises by delivering simpler, stronger and unified security. Tim is responsible for all lead generation efforts at PortSys. Check him out on LinkedIn here.

What are one or two of the major business challenges you face at PortSys?

PortSys is a privately held Zero Trust Access Control solution provider in high-growth mode. Our solution, Total Access Control, competes against more well-known publicly traded and VC-backed companies with deep pockets, so we are very strategic in how we deploy our marketing resources.

Tell us about your experience working with TechTarget’s team? How have they made it easy for you to see success? How are they supporting you throughout the entire process?

The biggest thing that stands out about TechTarget is that it provides a dedicated, responsive account team that proactively looks for ways for us to get the most out of our investment. From onboarding, to strategy design, to launch and ultimately execution, our account team has consistently looked out for our best interests with their expert insights and recommendations.

Can you discuss the tactics you’re using with TechTarget? What specific things are you trying to accomplish for your Sales and Marketing Strategy?

using priority engine PortSys

The depth and breadth of insights that Priority Engine provides on purchase intent and company demographics enables us to reach the most active buyers with the right message in a timely fashion. Beyond Priority Engine, TechTarget’s integration of its Content Syndication, Custom Content and banner ad programs exponentially increases brand awareness for PortSys and Total Access Control in the market as well.

Can you provide details into how you are using Priority Engine, as well as your workflow and process?

We import purchase intent and content syndication data through Priority Engine into HubSpot, our marketing automation platform, to leverage for our nurture campaigns, and we also import that data into Salesforce. We take the most promising marketing qualified leads based on purchase intent and TechTarget’s content programs and pass those on to the sales team, to ultimately convert them into sales qualified leads.

How has Priority Engine helped you focus as a small, high-growth company? How has Priority Engine helped you overcome your challenges and see success?

Priority Engine has helped us become more efficient because our salespeople are now finding real people and making real connections.

What was your team’s process prior to using Priority Engine? Have you noticed a change in behavior within your company since implementing Priority Engine?

Much of our efforts before Priority Engine were based on legacy leads that had aged considerably, so we needed to refresh our pipeline with active prospects. In a short time, we have increased our number of qualified leads with much better insights on their purchase intent.

What is one thing you really like about using Priority Engine?

Priority Engine is a comprehensive lead generation solution that is easy to use to discover new active prospects, backed by a great account support team.

A big thank you to Tim for sharing some feedback with us. We look forward to hearing about more of your success in the future!

If you’re interested in sharing your TechTarget story with us, feel free to reach out to Sarah Geissler today.

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