How to Beat Cyrus in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Cyrus Full Team

How to Beat Cyrus in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: Cyrus Full Team

Pokemon Cyrus

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Cyrus is the boss of Team Galactic in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as well as the main antagonist. To prevent him from destroying the world and hurting Pokémon, you will have to defeat him more than once. Her flying types and dark types may pack a punch, but with these tips, there’s nothing you can do.

Cyrus’ team in the first fight

Cyrus talks to the trainer in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Murkrow – Level 40

Moves: Wing Attack, Night Shadow, Assurance, Taunt

Golbat – Level 40

Moves: Screech, Poison Fang, Air Cutter, To bite

Sneasel – Level 43

Moves: Metal claw, icy wind, sharpening claws, beat

To be successful in this fight, your Pokémon team must at least be between levels 34-37. Two of the three have a dark type, so bring a fairy type or something that knows fairy moves. Be careful with her Golbat if using a fairy, as her Poison Fang can deal both one hit damage and one hit damage per turn if your Pokémon is poisoned. Bring antidotes just in case. An electric guy like Luxray or Pachirisu should be able to take care of his Murkrows and Golbat.

Cyrus’ team on the second fight

Pokemon Gyarados

Honchkrow – Level 45

Moves: Air cutter, night slash, steel wing, defogger

Crobat – Level 46

Moves: Cross poison, tailwind, air cutter, u-turn

Gyarados – Level 45

Moves: Ice Fang, Waterfall, Crunch, Earthquake

Weavile – Level 48

Moves: Metal Claw, Throwing, Digging, Ace Aerial

Pokemon Weavile

It’s the the last time you will fight Cyrus in the main story, so Think of this as your final with him. This time around, he brought an extra Pokemon and evolved everyone in his party. In other words, he can and will knock out your team. The time between the two fights isn’t that long, so you might want to grind if you need to. Think of it as your first experience with a trainer that has something akin to a competitively trained Pokémon.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that he brings a Gyarados, because it has a double weakness for electric types. Electric-types should take care of its first three Pokémon, but for its Weavile, you’ll need to be a little more careful. He’s very strong and most attacks won’t damage him much. For this you will have to rely on something that self-heals or can prevent spam. A Blissey who can use Soft Boiled and Healing Wish will work great here as he can use fairy-type moves while also holding up against Weavile’s powerful moves. Although this is a dark type, keep in mind that combat types will not work as Weavile will take them out quickly with Air Ace air movement.

Items to bring to battles

Full heals, hyper potions, and full restorations will all help you in these battles. Cyrus’ Pokémon are big dealers in damage, so don’t hesitate to bring restoration items. He’s probably going to use at least one too, so you’re on a level playing field there. Now go defeat him and save the Pokémon!

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