How to create a Minecraft PE Server

Minecraft Pocket Edition Best Mobile Multiplayer Games - How to create a Minecraft PE Server

Pocket Edition Minecraft players may have a little trouble figuring out how to create a server, as the menus have a different setup than the main game. For those who want to play with friends in this version of Minecraft, it is essential to have an operational server. Read on to learn how to create a server in Minecraft PE!

Creating a server with a prefabricated or new world

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This method will allow players to turn one of their pre-made worlds or a new world into a server. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Click on Player
  • Modify the Settings from Prefabricated world or hit Create a new world
  • Open the Multiplayer tongue
  • Activate the specific Multiplayer option (s) necessary
  • The three options in the Multiplayer menu are Multiplayer Play, Stream to Xbox Live, and Stream to LAN. All players will want to activate the Multiplayer game option, the other two options are not absolutely necessary. the Streaming on Xbox Live will appear if the player is signed in to their Xbox account, which will allow them to stream their Minecraft content to their friends on Xbox Live. the LAN broadcast, however, will make it easier to play on a server with friends as long as they are all on the same WiFi network.

    How to join or add friends to a server

    How to Create a Minecraft PE Server 2 - How to create a Minecraft PE ServerScreenshot by Pro Game Guides

    Once the server is up and running, Friends of the Server Creator can join the game through one of two methods:

    How to join a friend’s server on the local network

  • Click on the Friends tab
  • Select the specific friend to join under the Contactable friends section
  • Click on Player
  • How to join a friend’s server on an external server

  • Click on the Friends tab
  • Click it Add an external server icon at the far right of the Add friend button
  • Enter the Server name and Server address (this will be their IP address)
  • Click on To safeguard
  • Leave on Add an external server tab and the server must be added to the Contactable friends section
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