How to do a Minecraft speed run

How to do a Minecraft speed run

Whether players are new or old to the game of Minecraft, speedrunning works very differently from playing the game casually. The goal of the speedrun is to use as many cheat bugs in the game to reach the end as quickly as possible. So we’ll cover the necessary steps versus the ones that waste the player’s time.

How to Start a Sprint Race

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There are several things players will need to get as soon as possible once they spawn. Time is running out, so these are the most critical parts of speedrunning.

  • Play in version 1.16.1 – This version has a higher rate of Ender Pearls sold by the Piglins.
  • Choose a good seed – This is one of the most crucial aspects to having an easier running speed. Players can use one of our best speedrun seeds here.
  • Craft a stone hoe – This allows players to quickly extract hay bales from villages.
  • Make an iron shield instead of a sword – Swords are not as necessary to speed up the run, as there are alternative and more effective ways to damage enemies.
  • Rebuild a broken portal – Broken portals are more common in the game than players might think, they will also have a chest nearby with most of the supplies needed to rebuild the portal instead of crafting one from scratch.
  • Before entering the Nether portal, players need to pack supplies in advance, or even create a quick base on the other side of the portal. These will be things like several loaves of bread, iron pickaxes, a chest, a bed, and a crafting table. This should be enough for the player to make their way through the Nether with a decent spawn location.

    How to Run Fast in the Nether

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    Once players enter the Nether, things become much more difficult. With challenging enemies around every corner, lava flows, and a strange sunless environment, players can quickly get lost.

  • Find a Bastion before the Fortress – Remember that only one structure can form per quadrant of 368 blocks, which means bastions and fortresses will never spawn next to each other. Strongholds are more common and offer both Piglins and random chests, allowing players to quickly trade in needed items and collect armor.
  • Trade with Piglins before fighting Blazes – Piglins often sell or drop fire resistance potions, making it easier for players to fight Blazes. Players should also try to buy multiple Ender Pearls to find the Fortress and create Eyes of Ender.
  • Effectively fight Blazes for Blaze Rods – Players should remember that they will deal more damage the longer their swing, and even more damage when falling with a long swing. Obviously, the faster this process, the better the weapon, however, a stone ax is effective enough to defeat them with a jump swing and a standing swing. Which makes it the most cost-effective option.
  • Create 12 Eyes of Ender – Players will need Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder to craft these eyes to fill the Fortress portal.
  • Use triangulation to locate the fortress – Make a big triangle on the map with a few throws of Ender Pearl to quickly reach the fortress. Fortresses usually spawn between 1200 and 2500 blocks from 0.0.
  • Stay near the spiral staircase – Once players are inside the fortress, they will want to search for the portal room. The farther players get from the stairs, the less likely they are to find the portal.
  • Check the hidden coins – Due to the way strongholds spawn there are often completely hidden rooms with no entrance, these will most likely be at the top of the stairs.
  • Create a spawn point in the portal room – Place a bed in the portal room and sleep in it to create a new spawn point here to quickly re-enter the Ender Dragon fight.
  • How To Speed ​​Up Ender Dragon Fight Execution

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    Unlike previous editions of the game, there’s now only one real way to kill the Ender Dragon quickly, and it’s surprisingly simple. The technique is called One-Cycling. It will just require some obsidian and five or six beds.

    Build the obsidian near the top of the pole the dragon is descending on. Set up the beds next to the obsidian. Then, each time the dragon descends, activate the bed. This will cause an explosion that will deal massive damage.

    To deal the most damage, players will want to focus on this when the dragon’s head is closest to the bed. This process should only take five to seven beds, making it the end of the speedrun!

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