How to get the Among Us Jailbreak / Prison Escape mod

How to get the Among Us Jailbreak / Prison Escape mod

among us game poster - How to get the Among Us Jailbreak / Prison Escape mod

There are a variety of mods for Among Us, but the Prison Escape mod (also known as jailbreak) completely changes the game.

You can play this mod by going to and download your preferred version. Skeld is one of the most popular public servers among us, with various mods used by many streamers and gamers. To play Prison Break, players must be on a server.

As part of the Prison Escape mod, several twists are added to the base game, including different roles and abilities. Rather than impostors and crew members, the teams are divided into guards and a single prisoner, who tries to escape the map while being chased by the others.

The Prison Escape Game pits nine guards against a prisoner who kills his opponents by cheating and deceiving them. There are also piles of laundry and other places the prisoner can hide or escape on the map.

Prisoners can use all kinds of traps to stay away from guards, like deployable walls and bear traps. The evacuation helicopter will arrive as an exit ticket if the prisoner of us completes all of his tasks on time.

Looking for more details on the new role Among Us? Find out What are the roles among us? on Pro Game Guides.

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