How to start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft

How to start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft

Featured Minecraft How to start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft - How to start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft

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Minecraft is full of things to do, and with each new update more and more content is added. New mobs, blocks and more are making their way to Minecraft which builds on some of the classic content. A mob added in one of these updates is the Pillager, a hostile version of the Villager.

One of the main reasons to hunt down raiders is to launch a raider raid. It is a multi-step process that the player can follow for fun. The first thing they will need to do is find a looter outpost. Those are towers that appear naturally in the world and tend to be near villages.

Before finding one, the player must ensure that he has the appropriate equipment. Once the player has found a looter outpost, they will need to kill the raiders inside and the leader of the raiders. The Villager Banner can recognize this mob it carries. Once the player kills the leader, they get a status effect called Bad Omen.

After getting this status, just head to a village. Upon entering it, a raid will begin, and it will be up to the player to defend the village from waves of attacking raiders. This will be more difficult than attacking an outpost, so players should be prepared.

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