How to Upgrade to a 6 Star Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

How to Upgrade to a 6 Star Commander in Rise of Kingdoms
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How to upgrade to a 6-star Commander in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is an exciting strategy game in which you are free to decide how you want to develop your civilization. You can live in peace, develop your economy and trade, or you can become a military invading country. It will require a strong army and a powerful commander. Therefore, in this guide we will tell you how to improve your commander as much as possible.

How to upgrade to a 6-star commander

Currently, the highest level of the commander is six stars. Therefore, this upgrade is very difficult for the players. But if you have a six star commander, you can be proud of yourself.

Your Commander will not be able to level up beyond 50 while she is in the Five Star Commander stage. So you have to accumulate a lot of knowledge. Stay tuned for events, as they often give volumes of data as a reward. You will also need to collect 250-300 Dazzling Silver Stars. Therefore, every day you should do everything to collect more gold and silver stars.

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We recommend that you do as much shipping as possible and make sure you do shipping bugs. As a reward, you can receive at least one silver and gold star. Don’t forget to look in the tavern and open the chests. They often contain the stars you need. Again, various events can reward you with gold and silver stars, so don’t miss them. You can also buy stars in a VIP ship if you have sufficient VIP level.

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