Injustice 2 Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (2021)

list of injustices at 2 levels

To achieve a good streak of competitive match success in Injustice 2, it’s important to follow a reliable character tier list. This will help you decide to select your most needed and worthy characters. To make it easier for you in Injustice 2, we’ve curated this list that ranks players according to the popular SABCDF format. One point to keep in mind is that this complex and factually crafted list is always subject to player preferences. So without any cheesy corroboration to the DC Universe, let’s get started!

The description of each level will be specified for those unfamiliar with this ranking system as we explore the list.

List of the best Injustice 2 characters (2021)

Here’s our list of Injustice 2 levels with all the characters ranked from best to worst below:

Stage Characters
Level S Batman
Level S Black adam
Level S cat woman
Level S Doctor Destiny
Level S Starfire
Level S Wonder woman
A level Black mantis
A level Fire storm
A level Sparkle
A level Hell boy
A level Red Riding Hood
A level Scarecrow
A level Super girl
A level Superman
Level B Aquaman
Level B Atrocity
Level B Blue beetle
Level B Darkseid
Level B Enchantress
Level B Green arrow
Level B The Green Lantern
Level B Poisonous sumac
Level B Robin
Level B Under zero
Level C Atom
Level C Scourge
Level C Brainiac
Level C cheetah
Level C Cyborg
Level C Beaten down
Level C Leonardo
Level D Black canary
Level D Captain Cold
Level D Harley quinn
Level D Joker
Level D Swamp thing
Level F Donatello
Level F Gorilla Grodd
Level F Raiden
Level F Raphael

Levels explained

Level S: This level represents the absolute best characters to play in the game. These characters possess traits that are most useful in the game. They can be used in multiple situations and often come out on top without you having to break a sweat.

  • A level: While these characters don’t really fall into the “Weaker than S-level” category, their use in the game is different from player to player. Additionally, this means that characters falling under that level are still very powerful and can be the most difficult character level to define!
  • Level B: Above average characters who can still pack a punch fall into this level. While not the most powerful, they have some pretty decent traits to use even in competitive matches.
  • Level C: Now we start to describe the level characters you prefer to have in a “no results” game. These characters might make an impact but were either nerfed enough or lacked any traits that could turn the tide of luck.
  • Level D: Average character traits in the game. This level is painful to watch because these names have a special place in our hearts. In addition to the fact that their traits have less of an impact on stronger characters, they are more vulnerable in the game than other characters.
  • Level F: To put it simply, they are the lower ranked characters because their traits are poor in the game. In addition to being quite outmatched, these agents do little to contribute to the success of competitive matches.

Here! The Complete Ranked List of Sci-Fi Tiers in Injustice 2! If this tier list has helped you, be sure to check out our Level lists for other games.

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