Is the Dragon Ball FighterZ server down?

Is the Dragon Ball FighterZ server down?

dragon ball fighterz featured - Is the Dragon Ball FighterZ server down?

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Dragon Ball FighterZ’s servers are down. On December 30 at midnight PST there was a spike in reported server issues, so you’re not alone.

Currently the only problem is trying to play Dragon Ball FighterZ online. There is no problem to log in, but you need to play the game offline. Whenever they try to load the game in online mode, players are greeted with an error screen.

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To resolve these issues, you can still use the usual methods:

  • Check if the issue is resolved by resetting your router
  • Try restarting your console or system and see if that helps resolve multiplayer issues.
  • If necessary, improve your internet speed.

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Unfortunately, this is unlikely to help. Arc System Works, the developer, needs to fix things internally as it affects multiple consoles. According to Outage Report, 230 people have already reported that Dragon Ball FighterZ’s servers won’t let them in.

For now, we recommend that you play offline or wait for the update to return. It may take a few more hours or even a day, but it will come back eventually.

While waiting for the servers to restart, why not try our list of the best anime fighting games. here on Pro Game Guides.

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