What is Pokémon Sleep?

What is Pokémon Sleep?

Featured Pokemon Sleep What is Pokemon Sleep - What is Pokémon Sleep?

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The Pokémon franchise is one of the most popular IPs in the world, and it has spanned several different game genres. The series and its adorable creatures fill the lives of fans, from the classic RPG experience to Pokémon Go. But, a new way of Pokémon can finally arrive.

Pokémon Sleep was announced in 2019 with a release slated for 2020, but has been silent for two years with little indication of what it is. What we know is that the app tracks users’ sleep and uses the Pokémon Go Plus + accessory to create sleep-related gameplay with the mission of making sleep an entertainment.

While this might seem like a crazy, sweeping idea, and the two years of silence on the game may indicate its cancellation, it might not be. In April 2021, an SSL certificate was registered, which portends news to come. Furthermore, Data miners have found files and code names that point to the resurfacing of Pokémon Sleep.

There is still no clear indication of what Pokémon Sleep is, but something may be brewing behind the scenes, and The Pokémon Company may be gearing up to reveal more at last. The company has never been afraid to take risks, so it should definitely be interesting regardless of this new game.

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