Will Persona 5 come to PC?

Will Persona 5 come to PC?

Persona 5 featured image - Will Persona 5 come to PC?

The question arises as to whether Persona 5 is coming to PC or Nintendo Switch, especially after the Atlus-O-Weenie typo in oct. There have been no indication that the game will arrive on PC or Nintendo Switch.

While there were no announcements regarding the upcoming game on Nintendo Switch or PC, the confusion arose over the pricing of Atlus-O-Weenie, which contained typos indicating that the PC and Nintendo codes. Switch would be priced.

The contest is still ongoing and has left fans wondering if the prizes will contain a PC or Nintendo code and the portage announcement. As stated by the company, the contest has Persona 5 codes for PS4 only, and any indication to the contrary was human error.

In a tweet, Atlas named Persona 5 as having a royal version for PC and Nintendo Switch, which seems like a weird mistake. Someone must have forgotten to remove both systems from this part of the list as they show up for all other games, so it must be a model issue.

Next month, the contest will complete its final round of voting and the winners will be announced. Since the contest only states that the codes are for PS4, we are sure there will be no more surprises.

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